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It’s our ‘Value System’ and ‘The Principles’ that drive us at VIVAN;
We strongly believe in that empowerment, and derive the Energy by living it without any compromise.
Within the company, there is no discrimination based on nationality, culture or religion, and follow fair employment practices. Each Associate's Self Respect is honoured. We treat each other, and the people with whom we interact with respect and be graciousness with every individual's diversity.
VIVAN provides an Open work environment with Entrepreneurial style of functioning to bring out the best in each individual and encourages each one to innovate and deliver their own 'Creative Pursuits' in to outstanding results, this we call it as 'Leadership in making'.
Innovative and Revolutionary ideas are encouraged for every individual Associate at VIVAN. Team Work and confidence in our abilities and knowledge management is the key for the achievements.
Integrity’ is the practice in every aspect of our being, we believe that, it imbibes strong and courageous attitude in our approach towards Business.
The world and the Business changes with different paces at different times, but 'integrity' stands the same irrespective of any situations, and based on truth and originality. This constant Original and Righteous thing remains our core value, which is called as 'Dharma' in language 'Sanskrit'.
Quality Deliverance’, By setting extremely high standards of Quality, all areas of operations are constantly striving, and upgraded for excellence.
By being so, we are creating an invaluable excellence.
By being so, we are creating an invaluable asset, which delivers Value and Respect, which is an unstilted supportive campaign for the organization, which is in tune with our Mission Statement.
Ethics’ Inseparable from our mission to improve both health and quality of life are adherence to ethical principles. Human welfare with quality deliverance is the major components of VIVAN's corporate strategy.
Commitment’, VIVAN is committed to make a positive difference in the lives of people by offering both its existing and future customers superior and innovative knowledge based higher-end products and solutions.
Commitment is an integral part of VIVAN's operations; we believe that we can generate an element of Trust, by honouring the commitments in all aspects of Business operations.
Responsibility’, We consider individual involvement and accountability to be both a right and privilege and accept Responsibility in everything that we do.
We believe that, taking Responsibility empowers and enables an individual or the team, to have a say powerfully in the context of Business operation. This will generate a great Respect for the organization.
We at VIVAN trust that, by strict adherence to our 'Value system & Principles' we can have 'Harmony' in our way of being, and can enrich the same with a 'Social Responsibility', which we call it as making a positive difference in the lives of the people.