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Way forward


VIVAN intends to consolidate and enhance the capabilities as higher-end level products supplier in Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences, Globally. This involves the rapid internationalization of the company's business. This means all aspects of the business like our processes, people, sales, business-level standards, research and development activities etc.

Our corporate strategy has its goal of ‘Superior Customer Delightedness’ with global standards in every aspect of our Business Process, and to be a public Limited company by year 2022, with internally charted plan of action for GOAL 2022.

We believe that, we can do well in business and also do good things which are not related to business at all. We consider that as a way of paying back to the society and community. We strictly put aside a 2% of our profits towards our CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility).

The vision of the company is to be a highly respectful and innovative Global Enterprise in pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences; we understand the need to move beyond local and regional boundaries and expand business operations internationally. Recent association with various organizations, in different parts of the World, are only the most visible signs of our strategy.

Our strategic intent is to strengthen our existing Global market base, and further internationalize our overall business activities, particularly into Western European and US and other well-regulated markets, while maintaining our current leading position locally. Dynamic growth will be result of effective investments in research and development services, through integration and targeted Business Associations with developed markets, with the aim of expansion and sharing of our knowledge base, by creating value in to the Business process.

These ambitious goals will be achieved through our commitment towards our deliverance, and further development and nurturing of committed staff of expertise with future leadership, and creation of a conducive work environment by fostering innovation and creativity.

VIVAN’s Work Philosophy

The Business Philosophy of VIVAN is to build integrity, fairness with high performance in what ever we do, and be a respected corporate citizen.
Compassion is integral part of our corporate philosophy, our CSR(Corporate Social responsibility) enables us to experience the same.

VIVAN strives to understand customer needs far beyond that of its competition, but also, to match this understanding with an ability to respond rapidly with superior products and operational solutions that go significantly beyond customer expectations. We strive to have MOAT advantage.

In order to achieve its strategic objectives, VIVAN possesses and continuously strives to improve its internal competencies. These include

  • Total Customer focus and fairness in business process.
  • Highly committed and motivated people.
  • Strict adherence to Quality Standards.
  • Strong contacts with other R&D institutions.
  • Continuous learning is an imbibed natural practice.
  • Leadership and responsibility.
  • Risk Management Skills.
  • Internal Training Programs.
  • Up-to-date E-Business technologies.
  • By adopting our value system and principles in to our being.

Above all, enabling People and Businesses to realize their full potential, is our primary objective.