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Careers @ VIVAN

VIVAN is an equal-opportunity employer.
We aim to be a next generation Global Organization, not just in offering of our higher-end products and services, also the way we treat and support our Associates (We don’t call them Employees)

  • We help you to build careers.
  • We empower and offer you challenges very early on.
  • We encourage you to work on your strengths, and make a mark of your own.
  • We provide you energetic and positive work environment.
  • We provide space to learn, innovate, experiment and grow.
  • We help and support you, to realize your full potential and live up to it, which is integral part of our Mission statement too.
  • We build leaders, and Leaders build the future, that’s what we call it as ‘Leadership in making’. We follow this trend in our operations.

At VIVAN, career is not just about vertical growth. It is enhancing true competence and self actualization.

We understand that a good career means different things to different people. We ensure one gets what they want and deserve.