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Clinical Diagnostic - R and D Center

Clinical Diagnostics- Research & Development center has a vital role in the success of VIVAN. Being a Knowledge driven and Technology based company; we underline the need of Research & Development.
A “State of Art” Research facility equipped with latest equipments and managed by a pool of skilled scientists. The R&D efforts are directed towards the development of non infringing process technology of API and Advanced Intermediates, and specially catering our Specialized Synthesis unit.


R&D capabilities:

  • Our R&D is capable of developing and synthesizing molecules from milligram up to kilo levels.
  • We undertake challenging & complex chemical synthesis based on specific customer requirements.
  • The department has developed a number of products for European customers with complete Confidentiality and Exclusivity.

Synthesis & Reaction Capabilities:

  • Synthesis Scale : milligram up to kilo levels.
  • Grignard Reaction.
  • Asymmetric Reductions.
  • N-Butyl Lithium / n-Hexyl Lithium.
  • Di Borane Reductions.
  • High Pressure Hydrogenation and Amination.
  • Halogen exchange / Substitutions.
  • Michael Additions.
  • Fluorinations.
  • Thermal re-arrangements.
  • Coupling Reactions.
  • Acylations.

Technical capabilities :

Scale – up Capabilities : Our Integrated R&D facility has an pilot / scale up set up where milligram molecules can be scaled up to kilogram levels

Knowledge Sharing :
  • We believe in, gaining of knowledge & Sharing it in the work process as an integral part of our work culture.
  • Knowledge is imparted through literatures , libraries , work experiences and through internal knowledge database sharing.