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Fosfomycin Calcium

CoA, MASS, NMR and HPLC will be provided along with the compounds.
All the supplied compounds are only for testing purpose, not for human consumption.

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Catalogue No.:VL/S-13580
CAS No. :26016-98-8
Mol. Formula :C₃H₅CaO₄P
Mol. Weight :176.12
Synonym :Calcium Fosfomycin; Calcium phosphomycin; Calcium Phosphonomycin; Fosfomycin Calcium; Fosfomycin Calcium Salt; Fosfomycin Calcium Salt (1:1); Fosmicin; Levo-phosphonomycin Calcium Salt; Phosphonomycin Calcium Salt; (1R,2S)-(-)-(1,2-Epoxypropyl)-phosphonic Acid Calcium Salt (1:1); (2R-cis)-(3-Methyloxiranyl)-phosphonic Acid Calcium Salt (1:1); P-​[(2R,​3S)​-​3-​methyl-​2-​oxiranyl]​-​phosphonic Acid Calcium Salt (1:1)