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Vivan Life Sciences

Business Verticals (BVs)

We offer our high-end synthesis products and services to various industry verticals, on the very basics, we can broadly categorize our offerings as follows:

We stand to lead our Business operations, through innovation, creativity, and progressiveness with methods, technologies and operating practices.

  • Specialized Pharmaceutical Synthesis (SPS)
  • Characterized Standards
  • Analytical Standards
  • Customized Research Chemicals (CRC)
  • Specialized Chemical Manufacturing (SCM)  ( Gm /  Kg / Tons Quantities )
  • chemical Contract Research Services (cCRS) ( Gm /  Kg Quantities )
  • Contract Research & Manufacturing (CRAMS) ( Gm /  Kg / Tons Quantities )
  • FFS & FTE Services
The above-mentioned Strategic Business Verticals (BVs), broadly caters to:
  • Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Companies,
  • Global Generic companies,
  • Pharmaceutical research Companies,
  • CROs (Contract Research Organizations / Companies),
  • CMOS (Contract Manufacturing Organizations/companies)
  • Clinical Research Companies,
  • BA/BE Study (Biological Availability / Biological Equivalence) Companies,
  • University Research Labs, Speciality Chemical Companies,
  • Research Chemical Companies,
  • Companies that are working on High-End technology and product innovation.

We have collaborated with several Global companies on various projects, and derived exceptional value to them, on the projects which are important and critical to their success.

Our commitment towards our clientele has enabled us to strengthen the Business relationship and chart out the new collaborations, with well known Global Companies around the world, in various different Industry Verticals.