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Vivan Life Sciences

We @VIVANLS, put an unusual effort in finding the right person for each role (not a Job). We believe that playing on one's strengths is vital contributor for growth sustainability, in any Role that One plays @ VIVAN LS

Chemistry is our Life”, If you Love “Chemistry”, VIVANLS is the right place for you to play a role at our R&D centre (VRDC).

If you Love to work innovatively and chart out your own self driven career path, you can choose from various different Roles that are suitable to your own strengths, at our Corporate office and other Business Locations.


We provide high-end synthesis & product development – So Greater Learning Scope in chemical synthesis and related Business Operations.

We cater to various Industry Verticals – Enables One to have wider exposure, and better scope of knowledge

We strive to achieve excellence, which requires constant learning – which provides a high degree of learning curve.

We cater to Global Clientele - which allows one to be more creative and Innovative, possibly with a Global exposure / assignments.

We put great degree of efforts, which involves better competency and technological prowess – enables one to work in high-end Technology areas with creativity and Innovation.

We believe that, "Value Deliverance" with "Global Quality Standards “is an imperative in our operations – Enables one to be “Value Contributors” to our Business Operations.

Though it’s not a must, we usually prefer to recruit Associates, who stay / reside near to our work place location, it's not just "Work-Life Balance", it also emphasizes our efforts to have "less carbon foot- prints" by our Associates, with lesser commuting to Work.

If you wanted to be this “Value Contributor”, and enthusiastic about charting your own career path, we welcome YOU to play a Role @VIVANLS.


Our Esteemed Clientele consists of:

  • Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Companies.
  • Global Generic companies, CROs (Contract Research Organizations / Companies).
  • Pharmaceutical Research Companies.
  • CMOs (Contract manufacturing Organizations / companies).
  • Clinical Research Companies.
  • BA/BE Study (Biological Availability / Biological Equivalence) Companies.
  • University Research Labs.
  • Speciality Chemical Companies.
  • Research Chemical Companies , and
  • Companies that are working on high end technology and Product Innovation .

We understand that a good career means different things to different people. We put a great deal of effort to ensure that, our Associates get what they want, and what they deserve.