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Vivan Life Sciences
Our Work Culture


Our Liberal Work Culture and Self Responsible approach, would enhance Performance-Oriented existence as the foundations of our Success, seldom few wouldn't understand the Liberal Work culture @VIVANLS. Unfortunately, we don't know other way !! 

We recognize that our business depends on the creativity, innovation, dedication, and performance of our Associates.

We encourage our Associates to focus on achievements through collaboration, innovation, and teamwork.

We support our Associates to take freedom with responsibility, which eventually guides them to grow in the process.

We encourage them to do what they are good at, as we believe that's the only way to bring in the best in any individual.

We encourage our Associates to build a Career, by self motivation and playing Responsible Roles in the Company, than just doing a Job.

VIVANLS provides an Open work environment and freedom with an Entrepreneurial style of functioning to bring out the best in each individual and encourages each one to innovate and deliver their best.

Innovative and Revolutionary ideas are supported by every individual Associate at VIVANLS,  and encouraged to strive for excellence in whatever they do.

We believe that taking Responsibility empowers and enables an individual or the team, to have a say powerfully in the context of business operation. This will generate great Respect for the organization.

We put a great deal effort to encourage Team Work and Knowledge Management, which we believe as the essentials for success in the process of business.