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Vivan Life Sciences


We are a Research driven, innovative high-end chemical synthesis & product development Company. 

As a Global Enterprise, in delivering our Products & Services to various Industry Verticals,.we stand to lead our Business operations, through innovation, creativity and progressiveness with methods, technologies and operating practices.

Quality Deliverance at par with Global Standards, has enabled us derive leadership position of excellence in our operations.

We aim to be a Global Leader in offering high-end synthesis products and services, to various industry verticals, ranging from Pharmaceutical / Life Sciences Companies to Specialized Chemical Companies, Research institutes and product innovation companies.

We make a great effort to identify and recruit the very best person for every Role (not a Job), that one plays at VIVANLS.

To sustain this ideology, growth asppirations, we look for prospective candidates, who can play vital Roles @VIVANLS.
For prospective VIVANian, We look for a passion for learning, suitability for the Role, a creative approach and a self-initiative attitude with problem-solving skills. Last but not least, one should be a Team Player.

We make an unusual effort to Identify and Recruit, the very best person for every role one plays at VIVANLS.

Once they are part of our teams, We always encourage each one, to play a Role on One's Strengths & Uniqueness.


Here few of the Role Titles, we are currently looking for..

Title Location
R & D Chemist- Hyderabad
Nacharam, Telangana