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Vivan Life Sciences

(Shared Human Responsibility Under Thoughtful Institution)


We at VIVANLS believe that environmental consciousness is crucial to building a productive and sustainable society, and above all, it’s a gift to future generations. We want to contribute significantly towards the improvement of environment & related education, and through that towards building a better society.

As part of our efforts in that direction, we have taken Environment as another priority area of concern at this point of time

SHRUTI (Shared Human Responsibility Under Thoughtful Institution)

The approach is to identify programs that would make a significant difference in the quality of life of a large number of people in the community and assume responsibility for it until the program becomes self-sustaining. Environment sustainability and managing ecological balance are the primary objectives of our efforts in this direction.

SHRUTI as a word in language Telugu stands for "Tune"

This process of SHRUTI is to bring the "Tune" in the surroundings of our life. Mainly the focus is on Environment and Educating the people on the aspects of the right kind of living towards preserving the environment. Thereby making these issues more prominently followed and benefit the community and society at large.

Finally, the program's aim is to bring the tune in to the disturbed Environment into the right “Tune”, thereby making the difference, by educating the people on the environment and surroundings.

VIVANLS needs big committed Human volunteers for several proposed projects, who are wholeheartedly willing to make a difference in the lives of other people. We are eagerly looking forward to making this program workable in a good and big way in the future.