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Vivan Life Sciences
Work Practice & Ethics

We encompass a strict code of conduct

Though we are "Our Associates First approach" Company, We shall keep our Client's requirements in focus all the time, and ensure "Global Standards" in providing the best possible products & Services.

We are committed to follow, the good business practices and ethics in our operations

Our Total Trust approach encompasses a strict Code of Conduct, for each and every Associate at VIVANLS,  also every member of the Board at VIVANLS.  All stakeholders are committed to the same and abide by it, in totality.

Once VIVANLS agrees to work on a particular project objective with a Client, we ensure that, its delivered to them in tune with "Global Quality Standards" and ensure "Superior Client Satisfaction"

We do not accept work for other parties or commence internal research work that would conflict with work in hand for a Client.

We will not work on a target from a Client that would conflict with the interests of a third party or our own research.

We will ensure that the trade secrets and technology of our Business Associates and Clients will be kept intact as per the confidentiality agreements.

We guarantee and stand by our Commitment of Secrecy and non-disclosure Clauses.

We follow Intellectual Property Rights and ownership rights on technologies and will have a transparent overlook on these aspects. We have a strict code of conduct on ‘IPR Practices

We believe that “Innovation” is the heart of any enterprise. We ensure that Quality deliverance happens with ‘innovation’ and transparency with Good Business practices.

VIVANLS strongly advocates and adopts the defined ‘Innovation Process’, which has an admirable effect on our enterprise, through our capabilities and operating environment, and good work practices with strong ethics.