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Vivan Life Sciences

Support Network

In accordance with our Corporate Strategy, and the Vision of achieving excellence in knowledge-based higher-end products & services in the field of Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals, we have established a very strong base of contacts and relationships with a Global perspective.

Establishing a value deriving support network is the key to consolidate and deliver the results that we stand for, and be an efficient and outstanding higher-end products & service provider to our Clients and Business Associates. We believe that this happens only with a trusted base in the market, by which we derive Value proposition and competitive advantage to our clients.

The network we possess would enable us, to render truly international services to our clients and Associates with dynamic professionalism. We broadly divide our Network into People, Business Alliances, Industry Memberships (Government & Non-Government), and R&D Collaborations.


We have a group of people who are part of our SSAB (Strategic & Scientific Advisory Board), to guide us with their valuable inputs and suggestions to conduct and excel in the process business. These people have got extensive work experience in respective fields and hold several patents in the field of Sciences. Their guidance always derived extensive value to us in our operations. We are always thankful and cherish them, for their invaluable contributions towards VIVAN Life Sciences.

Business Alliances

We have several Business alliances both in India and around the world leveraging on our core strengths. This proposition had enables us to render truly Global standard higher-end products and services, from our wide spectrum of offerings.

We have exclusive collaborations and few ‘Confidential Agreements’ with several companies from the USA, Canada, France, and a few other European and eastern European countries.

Industry Memberships (Government & Non Government)

Registered with PHARMEXCIL (Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council), registered with Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and we are registered with Director General Of Foreign Trade (DGFT) in India, to carry out requisite Business Operations in Imports & Exports of our products in Pharmaceuticals. We are also members of various bodies, to have a greater contribution to the policy framework of the Government and Industry.

VIVAN Life Sciences is a member of ABLE

ABLE (Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises), a forum established with the purpose of generating a symbiotic interface between the Industry, the Government, academic and Research bodies and Domestic and International investors. ABLE represents the collective face of Indian Biotech & Life Sciences Industry. for more details on ABLE

FISME Membership

Federation of Indian Micro & Small and Medium Enterprises (FISME), though established in the year 1995, traces its origin to 1967 when the National Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (NAYE) was established to promote small industries. In the pre – liberalized era (prior to 1991), the agenda of an interventionist and highly protectionist India was adequately met by NAYE. However, post-liberalization (after 1991), India needed to adopt a different approach for the promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). Subsequently, in the year 1995, NAYE along with eight state-level associations formed FISME to lead SME in the refurbished economic environment.

Bombay Chamber of commerce

The Chamber was founded in 1836 by seven Britishers and three Parsees “to encourage a friendly feeling and unanimity among commercial men on all subjects involving the common good, to promote and protect the general mercantile interests of this [Bombay] Presidency, to collect and classify information on all matters of general mercantile interest, to obtain the removal … of all acknowledged grievances...” In those days there was an entrance fee of Rs 150 and a monthly subscription of Rs 20. Other objects and duties included simplification and facilitation of business practices, communication with public authorities on all matters of mercantile interest and to carry out arbitration of disputes among members.

Biotech Consortium India Limited

BCIL was inaugurated in 1990 by the then Prime Minister of India, Hon’ble Shri Chandra Shekhar, in presence of the Finance Minister, Shri. Yashwant Sinha and Dr. Manju Sharma, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology. Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL) is a public limited company, promoted by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India and All India Financial Institutions for providing the necessary linkages among stakeholders and business support for facilitating accelerated commercialization of Biotechnology. "

R&D Collaborations

VIVANLS has collaborated with few Institutions and premier Research laboratories around the world, to strengthen and leverage the support in the area of Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals. This enables us to deliver the knowledge-based value propositions to the clients and the business associates.