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Vivan Life Sciences


VIVAN Research & Development center has a vital role in the success of VIVANLS,  being a Research driven high-end synthesis & product development Company; we underline the need for Research & Development, and the role it plays.

A “State of Art” Research facility equipped with latest equipment and managed by a pool of skilled scientists. The R & D efforts are directed towards catering to our Specialized Pharmaceutical Synthesis unit (SPS) & Customized Chemical Synthesis (CCS) Unit.

Specialized Pharmaceutical Synthesis unit (SPS), caters to the following BVs (Business Verticals).

  • Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Companies.
  • Global Generic companies, CROs (Contract Research Organizations / Companies).
  • Pharmaceutical Research Companies.
  • CMOs (Contract manufacturing Organizations / companies).
  • Clinical Research Companies.
  • BA/BE Study (Biological Availability / Biological Equivalence) Companies.

Customized Chemical Synthesis (CCS) Unit, caters to the following BVs (Business Verticals)

  • University Research Labs.
  • Speciality Chemical Companies.
  • Research Chemical Companies, and
  • Companies that are working on high end technology and Product Innovation.

Our R&D capabilities:

  • Our R&D is capable of developing and synthesizing molecules from milligram up to kilo levels.
  • We undertake challenging & complex chemical synthesis based on specific customer requirements.
  • We developed a number of products and specialized projects for several reputed Global Companies from USA, Europe, and well known Research Laboratories, with complete Confidentiality and Exclusivity.


Scaling up capabilities :

Our Integrated R&D facility has a pilot / scale-up set up where milligram molecules can be scaled up to kilogram levels, under our Customized Chemical Synthesis (CCS) Unit