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Vivan Life Sciences

Save Paper Save Trees

  • Production of recycled paper uses only half the water and 3/4 of the energy than new paper
  • Minimal use and wastage of paper – Huge water consumption involved in papermaking process can lead to reduced water leaks, required for fish and other aquatic flora and fauna along with alternatives in the water temperature

What we do at VIVANLS

  • We reuse items like envelope, folders, paper . We also try our best to minimize use of printed statements of bills
  • We have set the margins on our word docs on every computer/laptop used by VIVANians to the minimum, so that we can save at least 20% paper space during the printouts. By doing this small deed, we can save some papers and there by some trees too
  • Most of our data, we prefer to share/store in electronic form, unless until it’s required in paper form
  • Suggestion documents on Resource Management would be shared with every VIVANian, along with our Policies and Procedures, and thereby ensuring to make a clear difference in their way of being at VIVANLS while at work, and later as a practice in their personal lives too
  • All our utility bills, we receive them in electronic form, thereby we avoid having a hard copy of paper bills
  • All the mobile and telephone line bills at VIVANLS are registered for GO GREEN campaign, whereby we receive them in electronic form
  • By reducing the font size of the letters by one point for print outs, we can save 18% of paper, that saves Many Trees


We are doing a bit from our end…So can you